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An international student’s guide to choosing accommodation — for postgraduates

Accommodation at Sutton Bonington campus

This is our guide to choosing accommodation for international postgraduate applicants. You can find our guide to choosing accommodation for international undergraduate applicants here.

So you’ve been accepted to Nottingham, and now you have to choose your accommodation! This will be one of the most important decisions you make as an international student, whether you’re only here for a short time, or if you’re in it for the long haul. Aside from booking your travel and dealing with those pesky (but important!) visa applications, taking some time to choose your living arrangements is essential.

If you’re an international student, chances are Nottingham is quite far from home. You’ll have travelled many miles, and you might not be returning to your home country for quite some time. Many international students find that choosing the right accommodation has made this transition much easier. After all, your accommodation is your own personal space—where you study, where you sleep and where you eat. It will also be a place where you find friends, and maybe some other international students in similar situations!

As a postgraduate, you’re guaranteed self-catered accommodation for your first year! This is a big relief because it really takes the hassle out of the search. Unfortunately, this means that you don’t have the option of getting any catered accommodation on University Park campus, or the option of living on campus (unless you manage to get one of the coveted rooms in Melton Hall, which is situated right on Jubilee Campus). The good news is that most of the self-catered accommodation is very close to the University campuses, and the hopper bus services run very close too!

Melton Hall

Melton Hall

Also, most of the self-catered accommodation has been situated quite close to supermarkets, pharmacies, pubs, shops, and takeaways to make things easier. The rooms come with free wi-fi, and also all of your utilities: heating, electricity, water, etc. More often than not, each hall will allow you to select the option of having an en-suite room with your own bathroom.  BUT — the best part is, you can choose accommodation or a flat that is for postgraduates only, without worry of noisy undergraduates interrupting your study time.

Bonington Hall

Bonington Hall

The self-catered sites available are:

  • Bonington Hall
  • Broadgate Park
  • Cloister House
  • Lonsdale Hall
  • Melton Hall
  • Raleigh Park
  • St. Peter’s Court

Find out more

To find out more information on each of these halls, visit the accommodation website.

If you prefer living in a non-University flat or house, check out Unipol for some certified accommodation.

John Lynskey, international student from the United States studying a PhD in Film and Television Studies at The University of Nottingham.

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