December 3, 2020, by ahzsa

New book by Anna Greenwood and Richard Bates

Florence Nightingale at Home
by Paul Crawford, Anna Greenwood, Richard Bates & Jonathan Memel

This co-authored monograph, released in the year of Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary, proposes a new understanding of Nightingale’s life, work, and ideas by considering them through the prism of the concept of ‘home’. This was a key notion in the nineteenth century, when ideas of domesticity shaped attitudes towards health, class, gender, empire, faith, institutions, and much else besides. The book shows how Nightingale’s experience of and ideas about home life influenced her work both in the Crimean War and elsewhere. As a young woman, feeling imprisoned at home, Nightingale broke free to become a woman of action, bringing home comforts to the soldiers in the Crimean War and advising the British population on the home front how to create healthier, contagion-free homes. Later, she created Nightingale Homes for nursing trainees and acted as mother-in-chief to her extended family of nurses, while also attempting to reform sanitation systems in India. Mostly, Nightingale also worked from home, after contracting the debilitating illness, brucellosis, turning her various private homes into offices and ‘households of faith’.

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