March 8, 2024, by ahzsa

Maiken Umbach’s innovative new exhibit with the National Holocaust Museum

Based on various previous research projects, with UoN colleagues in History (Diana Popescu), in Computer Science (Paul Tennent), and others, Maiken and the team at the National Holocaust Museum and have curated an exhibition that is coming to Nottingham for one week, starting at 12 pm Sunday 3 March and remaining available Mon 4 March — Friday 8 March, 12-6pm. Location is Smithy Row, just off Old Market Square, in front of the Exchange.

The exhibition is an experiment. The main concept is that traditional museum exhibition always talk to the same people: demographics who regularly go to museums, and also, on this particular topic, people who are already interested in Jewish culture or Holocaust history. This, the organizers feel, is not enough. So they are putting the museum, quite literally, on the streets. It has already been to London and Manchester: now it is here for one week. The following week, it moves to Birmingham University campus.

Link to Exhibit

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