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August 4, 2020, by sleatherland

Alumni blog: Angela’s physiotherapy journey

One of our 2014 graduates got in touch to share her experience of studying physiotherapy at Nottingham and what they got up to after graduating. From setting up her own business, to moving to the other side of the world; this is Angela’s journey:

Physiotherapy graduate overlooking a city from the top of a cliff in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, New Years Day 2020

My Nottingham story

My Nottingham physiotherapy journey actually began at the University of Lincoln in 2010. I completed a foundation year in health sciences, before going on to graduate in BSc Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham in 2014.  I couldn’t have asked for a better university experience; the teaching was inspirational, and it gave me the best foundation to start my career as a physiotherapist.

My physio journey

I always knew that Musculoskeletal physiotherapy was what I wanted to do, so in 2014 I took up my first junior post in the NHS as an MSK Physiotherapist.

Throughout the next four years, I worked within Elite Sports – Championship level Football, Private healthcare, health centres, and these were all amazing opportunities that shaped my career. However, I felt that I wanted to take my journey to the next level and develop my skills as a business owner and entrepreneur

Business owner

In 2017, I opened my first AL Physio clinic with only £200 in my pocket, a fold up bed, and a bottle of massage cream. I knocked on the doors of different places that could offer me a treatment room. With hard work and perseverance, I managed to secure a room in a large well-known gym chain in Milton Keynes. Within the next two years, the clinic went from 2 appointments to over 500 appointments a month, opening a second clinic and expanding into a second gym. It was two of the most difficult, yet satisfying years, and seeing my dream come to life was a humbling experience.

Moving to Hong Kong

Physiotherapy graduate, Angela, holding up her article from a national newspaper in Hong Kong

My article in a national newspaper in Hong Kong.

Sadly in 2018, I lost my Mother, with whom I was very close to, and this spurred me on to seek a fresh start. So, in 2019, I decided to take on the biggest challenge of my personal and professional life so far, moving to the other side of the world and pursuing a new direction in Hong Kong, where I took up a position in a local clinic and as Head Physio for a professional Rugby team.

It has been a whirlwind of a journey, where east meets west, and it has been so much fun understanding and learning about new cultures. I cannot wait to see how the rest of this year will unfold.

My words of advice

Don’t let conventional norms dictate your path, if you have a dream – work hard and turn it into reality! Remember to never give up on your goals, you may fall 100 times, but get back up and keep going because it will all be worth it. I would highly recommend exploring other countries and venture out of your comfort zone, challenge your clinical skills and see where this will lead you in the future.

Thank you, Angela! If you’re inspired by Angela’s journey and are interested in studying physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham, visit our course profile.

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