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May 11, 2022, by hayleychipman

Applying for the Internship

Here we are, onto blog number 4 and over halfway through the internship. This time last year we were both continuing our nursing studies, working on assignments, attending seminars and lectures. All of this before going out on our fourth placement of the year. When we look back, it’s strange to think of how we were working then compared to what we are doing right now. It’s made us reflect on our journey so far and how we went about getting this internship position in the first place.

So how did we end up doing an internship in the school?

It started off simply with an email entering our inboxes. As Alex and I are both the type of people to relentlessly organise our emails, we both happen to stumble upon it and take interest in what it had to say. After reading the email, we were both enticed by the purpose of the role description. It explained how we could have the opportunity to work with and be mentored by very experienced and qualified researchers and teachers within the school as well as learning and developing own our skills within nursing further for future career opportunities. I mean how doesn’t that sound appealing?

What enticed us even more was the job description. This included main responsibilities expected to fulfil in the role into 4 key areas, which was also subdivided into the percentage per time during the year we would spend completing each area. The four key areas and time spent towards each one are below.

  1. Teaching and learning (30%)
  2. Research (30%)
  3. Project development (30%)
  4. And anything else (10%)

Without going into too much detail as to what was required from each section, the teaching and learning requirements included being able to assist with the development of teaching resources attending module and course lead meetings and supporting the production of teaching plans. The research area includes assisting/ supporting as part of a research group, contribute to current research projects and attend research group meetings. Project development explains designing and conducting a small project with you mentor related to student experience in the school and disseminating these outcomes of the project locally, and possibly nationally at an educational conference. Lastly, as part of the internship, you can actively participate in applicant interviews for pre-registration courses, contribute to open days and offer holder days as well as doing some outreach work in local schools. What Alex and I have noted from this year, is that there are so many other things to do as part of the internship. The university and school offer so many additional course and modules to complete which enhances your professional and skills development.

If this all appeals to you like it did with Alex and I, then that’s brilliant and we couldn’t recommend enough to do it. However, you need to consider whether you would be eligible to do it based off the following criteria. You need to be an undergraduate who is studying nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, or sports rehabilitation in the School of Health Sciences at the end of your second year of study and you need to be predicted a 2:1 classification at the end of your second year of study.

Alongside this eligibility criteria, there are a few more extra requirements for applying. As part of the person specification, they would like you to have a strong interest in a career in teaching and/or research, be able to time manage, have excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills, as well as being able to work as part of a team. What is also valued as part of the role is being able to value people, taking ownership, being a forward thinker, having professional pride and always being inclusive.

There is a lot to consider when applying for this role. You must be able to meet the job requirements and have an interest in the work, but also consider interrupting a year out of your studies, not graduating with your peers, and missing out on placement for a full year. These are all key things which made me question whether to apply or not, but I have, actually, enjoyed taking a year out of my studies, I have kept in contact with my peers and I plan on attending their graduation and I signed up to do bank work within NUH, so I could stay up to date with changes within practice. Although I had obstacles with regards to applying, I still went for it and managed to find ways around them which have worked for me.

I couldn’t recommend going for the internship enough. It has provided me with so much valuable insight, skills, perspective, and knowledge to help me continue into third year and for my future career after I graduate. I feel humbled and privileged to have been accepted onto this role and I have learnt so much from it. If you apply and get accepted, I am sure you will feel the same.

Please contact Alex or me with any questions regarding the internship and applying for it if you have any.

All the best,

Amelia and Alex

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