December 19, 2011, by brzjch

Novel Food Technologies and Deliberative Technology

Following political debate about GM crops, regulatory bodies have adopted new approaches to engage with publics. It is unclear how these deliberative technology assessment (TA) systems will respond to emerging food technologies. Using case studies, a mixed methods approach will be applied to examine: How do key stakeholders perceive the ‘suitability’ of current TA process, and to what extent do new forms of TA provide both a holistic appraisal and political space for an informed (ethical) debate on different food futures?

Novel Food Technologies and Deliberative Technology Assessment (2013-2016) Kate Millar (Biosciences); Carol Morris (Geography); Susanne Seymour (Geography); Pru Hobson-West (SVMS); Alison Mohr (SSP/ISS); Anne Murcott (SSP); 4 year PDRA and linked PhD.

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