November 15, 2012, by Lucy

The Helm Wind of Crossfell – part 2

Yesterday I set off for Great Dun Fell with Georgina, Gary and Sam, in search of the Helm Wind I wrote about in last week’s blog… and to test out both the route and technology for the narrated walk we’ve been working on.

Rolling cloud was observed above the hills on our approach but, probably for the best, the Helm Wind failed to make an appearance for us and the sheep we passed remained calm. Our walk began (with a fair amount of mud) following the Pennine Way up to the summit of Great Dun Fell. The mobile app started working well, with a variety of media popping up as we passed through the trigger zones. As we progressed the media jumbled themselves up, and Gary’s voice kept playing from our pockets, but Sam and Gary are confident that glitches will be resolved back in the office next week!

The mist descended as we neared the top (see photos!), and, as time moved on, we began to think we had been rather ambitious with the length of walk given the hours of daylight! Very pleased to reach the road that goes to the radar station (not visible in the fog), we rapidly increased the pace on the descent, but it was still completely dark by the time we reached the hire car, 11 miles covered. We will be returning, and one of the goals will be to find the site of Manley’s hut…

Thanks to Jenny Lunn from RGS and her Dad for coming along on the trip, and for giving us comments to improve the route, narrative and technology!

Jenny and Sam test the app

Approaching the summit

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