September 3, 2012, by Lucy

A day in the life of a geographer – Lucy Veale

Since my last entry I have started work on a new project with Georgina Endfield called ‘Weather Walks, Weather Talks’. The project has actually been underway since March but I’m just involved with the second part, the outcome of which will be a guided walk and mobile phone application around Great Dun Fell in the North Pennines and based on the life and work of geographer and meteorologist Gordon Manley (1902-1980). So, over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to read up on Manley and Great Dun Fell, beginning to play around with possible points of interest on googlemaps for Sam and Gary to transform into a fully functioning app!

I will include more details in my next blog entry but in this one will return once more to Humphry Repton and Sheringham Park. The main output from this six month project is a new installation in the Visitor Centre at Sheringham Park in north Norfolk, and a week ago I had my first look! Over the last few weeks Steve and I have been passing various draft documents, images, music files and model turnips (!) back and forward to Ugly Studios, the exhibition designers that we’re working with. The installation is now almost complete and the barn transformed. The barn is now full of colourful characters from 1812, Repton’s study at Hare Street, and a viewing chamber for an audio visual show, the design inspired by Repton’s art and love of theatre. A huge thank you to Ugly Studios and the staff at Sheringham for all their hard work too – it’s looking fantastic!

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and guided walk in leaflet and mobile phone application formats. I was able to pick up copies of the catalogue and leaflet to send out to all of the people who have helped us during the last 6 months, as well as walking the route of the Repton walk with Steve, enjoying the North Norfolk sunshine. All of the elements of the exhibition look great and I’m really lucky to have had the opportunity to be involved with this project which has provided opportunities to gain a variety of new skills, and to work alongside new people and organisations.

The official opening is on 6th September so this week I am arranging the details for that, the final object for the exhibition has been sent over to Keith at the Park – a replica Neolithic hand axe… and we’re looking forward to seeing it finished! The exhibition is on until August 2013 so please do visit if you’re in the area!

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