August 5, 2015, by UoN E-Racing Team

Success at Nurburgring MotoE!

Blog post written by the UoN E-Racing Team – Marco Degano, Jonathan Blissett, Miquel Gimeno-Fabra and Pat Wheeler.


The PEMC Electric Bike Team’s success continues in 2015, with another super result at the Nurburgring circuit! The first weekend of August saw the team – Marco Degano, Jonathan Blissett and Miquel Gimeno-Fabra – transport the bike to Nurburgring, Germany, to take part in the first race weekend of the MotoE Season and get the bike ready for their rider – Daley “Daisy” Mathison – to race around the track.

A delay at Calais meant the team had to work hard and pull out all the stops to get the bike race-ready, and also contend with a warm track and temperatures of around 28 degrees.

Nurburging 1


Unfortunately, some technical gremlins meant that the bike didn’t finish the 5-lap sprint race, but this made the whole team more determined to ready the bike for the main race. And, we’re delighted to say that the bike won it! Daley rode the bike for the 15 minute race, finishing a full 68 seconds ahead of the bike in second place – a very impressive and a brilliant achievement! The team were thrilled to see Daley take a well-deserved top position on the podium.

Nurbinging 3

The full race times (taken from the MotoE website) are:

1. 10 (UoN), Daley “Daisy” Mathison, 6 laps, 15:00.925
2. 21 Zongshen Racing, Chun Kay Kwok, 6 laps, 16:09.355, (+1:08.430)
3. 6 Zongshen Racing, Tsz Yeung Choi, 6 laps, 16:15.674, (+06.319)
4. 77 Darvill Racing, Chris Foster, 6 laps, 16:43.395, (+27.721)

18 Vercamoto Mark Miller

More info about the race can be found on the MotoE website.

The team is very grateful to Murata and their sponsors for their support, and to Rupal, for organising the MotoE event so well. They are now working hard to get the bike ready for the first UK race in North Wales on the 15/16 August. They plan to sort out the reliability issues and give the bike a new look, dressing it in custom-made fairings.

A huge well done to the team and to Daley, and we look forward to posting more news about the bike’s performance in a couple of weeks.

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