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July 10, 2015, by UoN E-Racing Team

Looking forward to a summer of racing!

Blog post written by the UoN E-Racing Team – Marco Degano, Jonathan Blissett, Miquel Gimeno-Fabra and Pat Wheeler.


Welcome to the first blog post about the electric motorbike, built by members of the PEMC Research Group!

The PEMC team has been working on the electric bike for some time – 2014 saw the bike compete in the MotoE races, achieving 3rd place overall in the MotoE Race Series. This year, the team hopes to emulate and build upon that success.

June was a busy month. The team – Miquel Gimeno-Fabra, Marco Degano, and Jonathan Blissett – had a race against time to get the bike ready for the legendary TT Races on the Isle of Man. This meant converting a basic frame and a box of batteries into something road-worthy, and able to take on other competitors.

The team managed to pull it all together and took part in the TT Zero, which was an amazing achievement. The bike, rode by Mike Sweeney, raced against seasoned riders such as Guy Martin, and came a very creditable 6th overall. You can read about the team’s experience of the TT on the University’s blog:

The team was delighted to be awarded the University-backed Team Award at the TT and the guys are now working on the bike, correcting a few issues that posed a problem at the TT. The first modification they are tackling is to find out where a water leak in the motor is coming from and repair it.

Regular updates about the team’s progress will be posted. And here’s a photo of the team with the TT Award.

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