June 3, 2014, by educationguestblog

From breakfast(s) to lunch(es)

Today was the longest day imaginable, with a lot of hours between breakfast in England and lunch in Shanghai (and quite a few meals).

Our Shanghai colleagues were already on the coach from Raleigh park flats when it got to us at the Jubilee Campus just before 8am. Although the bus driver hit a few curbs on the way out of the campus we managed to arrive at London Heathrow airport on time, fuelled by a breakfast of McDonald’s porridge. Is this metaphor for the trip?



Check in was enlivened by James managed misplacing his boarding pass and passport within 5 minutes – with help! However, the flight featured regular top ups of food and drinks- let’s just say it was something of a party. Fried breakfast at 12am (English time) was challenging and 2am arrival in Shanghai (9am local time) felt a bit odd. By the time the coach had picked us up from Pudong airport it was time for (another) lunch.

But a full-blown Chinese lunch at 4am (English time) was no problem for the (slightly bleary) Shanghai 10. Our bright-eyed and bushy tailed hosts sat around a packed restaurant and tried not to snigger as we handled our chopsticks like… two year old Chinese children!! We just hope our hosts don’t make too much of first impressions.

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