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Shanghai 10 arrive

On Sunday night 10 students from Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) arrived at the University of Nottingham, with their teacher Professor Zhong, for a two week exchange programme.



They are undergraduate teacher education students studying at SHNU, a leading teacher training institution. Two of the students specialise in early years education and the other eight in Chinese or maths education. They will be doing a mixture of seminars at the University and visits to nurseries and schools.

Their first morning was spent being welcomed to the School of Education by Professor Bernie Youens and professor Andy Noyes and a wide range of staff of the school. Later in the week their programme includes a tour of the sights of Nottingham and visits to schools who work in partnership with th
e University of Nottingham.

The students in the group are particularly interested in the way teachers in England incorporate fun and creative activities in primary school activities. To help them explore this and many other aspects of primary teaching, the SHNU students will be paired with University of Nottingham students from the School Direct programme, based in our partnership schools.

Meeting Professor Noyes

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