March 20, 2020, by Erin Snyder

DTH Director’s Update: Spring 2020

Dear all,

I’m sure I don’t need to recount the many challenges of the last few weeks. The situation has been moving rapidly enough to overtake many things, not least such a slow-moving beast as the DTH Director’s update.

From Wednesday the 18th March, all DTH facilities and the equipment loan service have been closed, in line with University of Nottingham Faculty of Arts guidance. While we’re sorry for the inevitable impact on our volunteers, staff, students, and wider community, we are committed to prioritising all of our health and safety. This means that we have had to put a number of volunteer projects on hold, along with some in-person workshops that have significant hands-on components.

However, we’re moving lots of the rest of our work online – as you might imagine with a digital hub, there’s lots of stuff we can do! Our marketing team of student volunteers continue to update our Twitter feed with interesting digital stuff to make, do, and experience. Our workshops are being rapidly re-developed to be run online. And we’re looking for ways we can share our digital expertise with the rest of our community as we all get to grips with digital teaching, learning, and research.

I’ve personally been heartened by the response of our staff, students and volunteers to this challenging time. While we face a lot of change and a lot of challenges, and it’s entirely understandable that many of us are alarmed or anxious, there’s also a tremendous amount of kindness, goodwill, and care being demonstrated. We’re pitching in to help, however we can.

Keep well and stay safe,


PS – You can find the University’s official guidance at It is being continually updated to reflect the changing situation.

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