February 5, 2020, by Hannah Simmons

DTH Spotlight: Digital Marketing Team

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of undergraduate Arts student volunteers promoting the resources and uses of the DTH. We mainly manage the DTH’s social media. This includes sourcing images, creating engaging content and updating the university community on our projects. We also contribute to Digital Dialogues, the DTH’s blog, spotlighting project developments in greater detail.

What have we been doing recently?

We took part in a specially-tailored marketing workshop led by the university’s Faculty of Arts Marketing and Communications Manager.

 First: We were briefed on audience behaviour, which is an important aspect of digital marketing. We learnt that student audiences are quick decision makers online and so digital content needs to be very engaging initially. This is an important consideration when tailoring content to students as well as staff. We also learnt that creating user stories can allow us to focus on what our target audience wants when accessing information about the DTH. Key words help in making this information clear.

Next: We considered how different social media platforms are best used for different purposes. Facebook posting is useful for initially engaging a wide audience, while Twitter is especially good for engaging with academic staff and students specifically curious about the DTH. It is interesting to consider the importance of getting the tone of social media posts right. These work well when they come from an authentic, student voice. It is also effective to use the active voice, which means keeping the focus of the sentence on the subject. For example, in most of our posts we are addressing the student.

How has this workshop benefited our volunteering work at the DTH?

This workshop has given us insight into working in digital marketing and the various considerations crucial to successful communication. Learning how to tailor our approach to our audience will help us when planning our social media and blog posts. This will aid us in our aim to promote the DTH and its resources to staff and students.

If you want to volunteer with the DTH and develop skills useful for employment, come and see us in the Humanities Building, A24!

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