July 15, 2014, by Andrew Gibson

Panel 2: Researchers facing the media (David Colquhoun, Athene Donald, Felicity Mellor, Jon Turney)

The below videos features contributions from Professor David Colquhoun (FRS, Honorary Fellow, University College London), Professor Dame Athene Margaret Donald (DBE, FRS, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge), Dr Felicity Mellor (Senior Lecturer in Science Communication Studies, Imperial College London) and Dr Jon Turney, science writer and author.

The session covered revolutions in academic publishing (such as post-publication peer-review), analysis of the BBC’s coverage of new scientific findings, communications training for young researchers, ‘publish or perish’ and ‘impact’ culture, and the changing media ecosystem. It was followed by a Q&A about, among other things, public trust in scientists, the potential benefits of the impact agenda and the importance of YouTube.

What do you think? Please use the comment section below to pick up on any points… 

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