June 2, 2014, by Andrew Gibson

Launch of Circling the Square blog- the idea, rules for posting and schedule


We are pleased to launch the official, post-conference blog for Circling the Square. On 20th-22nd May 2014, a conference by that name was held in Nottingham, which generated a multitude of posts and comments across the blogosphere. So why a new blog? And why so late?

First of all, we are presenting the full talks (including PowerPoint slides) and panel sessions in a multimedia format, including Q&As. The structure of the presentations will follow the conference programme, so it is relatively easy to find the material you are interested in. We also hope those who did not attend will enjoy the videos and join our discussions.

Secondly, by releasing all the multimedia, commenters will be better able to make specific remarks about specific ideas, comments or aspects of the conference. This will, as we all desire, keep discussions to the point.

Thirdly, from the view of a participant (and blogger over the past few weeks), the temporal distance from the start of the conference will have allowed some of the initial passions caused by the sessions to dissipate. Now the dust has settled, we can ponder the important issues calmly and thoroughly.

Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, this blog format should attract comments from the conference participants who did not find their way into the threads of the many fora that sprung up immediately after the conference. We also want to encourage comments from anyone with an interest: students, professors, practitioners and the public.

We have created categories based on different sessions of the conference and will post in those accordingly. We have just posted the opening keynote lecture (category: research and policy making). Next week, we will post the first panel session. From there, we will post two videos a week, following which we will welcome guest posts from inside and outside the University of Nottingham on any of the categories/conference themes.

Happy blogging!

Reiner Grundmann

Science, Technology and Society Research Priority Group


  • A note on etiquette. You will have to register before posting your first comment. Unless there are good reasons to use a pseudonym you should comment under your real name. We will allow comments to go live without moderation but will delete comments which are against the rules of civil dialogue and conversation. We will not tolerate name-calling or ad hominem attacks. If you feel provoked, please do not reply in haste, as this may later cause regret.
  • If you want write a guest post for this site, please send the text for uploading to Andrew Gibson or Cornelia Lawson.
  • Background information, including abstracts, profiles and posts on other blog sites, can be found on the conference website


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