May 14, 2013, by Student blogger

Second lessons

Time flies and I have already been a UNNCer for half a year. ‘Second lessons’ is the idea Professor Yang stressed at the welcome ceremony in last September. This is not new for Hong Kong students at all as we are encouraged to do voluntary services and participate in extra-curricular activities since childhood. But the problem is how to make a ‘new and different experience’ compared with our previous life. Tertiary education is not only about academic achievement, but also about thorough personal growth. UNNC boasts a wide range of students’ societies and freshmen can always explore their interests as long as developing talents by active participation in any of the second lessons. Personally, I chose to join the Model United Nations Association (MUNA) as staff and to take part in community services coordinated by the Youth Volunteer Association (YVA). These two platforms have broadened my visions nurturing sense of responsibility and several versatile skills in social context. Most gratefully, I have made friends with many enthusiastic future leaders.

For MUNA, initially I found it most relevant to my major so I decided to be part of the association. However, now I realize that MUN is a worldwide student-led convention for discussing global issues. MUNers with diverse academic backgrounds have the same mission: provide solutions to build a better future. Universal values such as peace, humanity, sustainable development are shared and reaffirmed. As an UNNC MUNer, plenty of opportunities are open to meet new friends from different parts of China. I am fortunate enough to attend the World Model United Nations Conference held in Australia in mid-March after an interview, and I am thrilled to be one of the 2000 delegates from 65 countries. MUNA guides me to be conscious of political, economic and social phenomena in daily life; and hopefully will I take advantages of this sensitivity in my study and life-long mental growth.

As a YVA volunteer, I have had good time playing games with children with autism. In addition to our weekly gathering, the most pleasant memory is their half-day visit to our campus. Although I cannot communicate well with the angels verbally, every warm hug they give motivates me to devote more love and patience to the time being with them. YVA organizes projects which aim at different needy groups and I am sure you will be as glad as I am after your first voluntary service in a new environment.

May you have fruitful experience in a students’ society at this university. You are the one to write your story here. Enjoy your second lessons with your peers!

Tip: Renren and Weibo pages of students’ associations are helpful when you start thinking or decide which one to join.  Better do so before the club and society signing session because on that day you feel dizzy surrounded by fascinating booths!

Tsang Chun Yi

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