May 8, 2013, by Student blogger

Eating out in Ningbo

I am Cherry, a final year student at UNNC. I have been in Ningbo for almost three years now. These past years have been very memorable and during them I have had the chance to get to know people from all over the world. After having spent a significant amount of time here in the city, I can say I am very impressed with the dining experience offered here. Unlike Shanghai, a smaller, less known city like Ningbo can surprise you with numerous international restaurants of a very high standard.

Ningbo is a very multicultural place and this fast growing city doesn’t disappoint with its choice of western restaurants. From Greek to Mexican, there is something for everyone.

My personal favorite western restaurant has to be the Italian restaurant Angelo’s. This restaurant is located on the rooftop in the city center, Tianyi Square.  The ambiance and modern interior design is sleek and stylish, with the relaxed atmosphere taking you far from the crowded streets outside. Although this restaurant is more on the pricy side, their delicious food and excellent service means it is definitely worth the money.

I am not a fan of Indian cuisine and never had an Indian meal in Hong Kong before. However, Ganesha Indian Restaurant, which is located in the city center as well, has completely changed my point of view towards Indian food.  Indian music that played in the restaurant made the whole dining experience authentic and large groups can sit in traditional Indian-style dining rooms, enjoying their meal in the privacy.  I normally order chicken masala with rice and it tastes absolutely amazing. What made it better was that we were treated to some free Indian deserts and a cup of chai tea to end our dinner.

These restaurants are only two of the many restaurants I have enjoyed during my time here. There are countless western or even Chinese restaurants in Ningbo, waiting to be explored. I have no doubt you will be excited by the different types of cuisine on offer!

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