July 18, 2016, by Kevin Browne

Forensic Psychologist in Training

Sarah Ashworth, one of our Forensic Psychologists in Training supervised by Dr Ruth Tully, is in her final year of training. She has successfully presented posters and oral presentations relating to her doctoral work.

As part of the doctorate process we are encouraged to share our work at professional conferences, it’s actually a requirement to present your research or systematic review.

This can seem daunting at first, standing up in front of an audience and presenting your findings orally or answering questions one-to-one at a poster session. But it’s actually a really good opportunity to have some interesting discussions, share knowledge and even get some new ideas on how to improve your work!

You also get to develop the skill of communicating your work simply and succinctly, really giving you a chance to clarify what your research is all about!

My experience of presenting my work (clinical and research) has been really positive. I’ve made some useful connections and it’s given me chances to meet other people as passionate about my areas of interest as I am!




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