October 15, 2015, by Genelva Meikle

1965 Golden Reunion – 10 October 2015, Nottingham University

Philip Watson (Economics, 1965) writes:

I arose at 6.30am on this day – some 2 hours earlier than normal! I travelled from SE London and caught the 8.29am train from St Pancreas to Nottingham. On the journey there, I met Dorothy (Social Admin.) and her friend from Canada (her name escapes me), when I was returning from the buffet with morning coffee. We passed part of the journey recounting common themes from the past. I, as they were unfamiliar arriving at Nottingham station (unlike I having visited the University on many occasions over the past few years), invited them to join me in a taxi to the Trent Building.



Philip Watson (Economics, 1965)




Some 80 alumni were gathered there. The first 90 minutes prior to the Vice-Chancellor’s (Sir David Greenaway) introduction to the work of the funding of the activities of the University passed extremely quickly as acquaintances from the past were rekindled, discussions about our past achievements and family relationships were intermingled with the reviewing the collages displayed of our years at the University. Sir David was obviously delighted to report that the Impact Campaign to raise £150 million pounds from donations had been reached well within the targeted time. His audience were quite spellbound with respect to the developments of the University and student life over the past 5 decades, as well as being interested in the vision for 2020.



Following Sir David, Professor John Beckett gave an illuminated talk about the history of the University and intrigued the audience with his in-depth knowledge, which was coupled with quips about various aspects of student life in the 1960’s – we were not quite rolling in the aisles! Today’s students cannot imagine the halls of residence’s strict regulations. His forthcoming book should be a revelation about all the foregoing.


Lunch in the Great Hall of the Trent Building was excellent and the interaction amongst the alumni continued throughout with bubbling conversations – the Great Hall seemed a much smaller place than when we took our ‘finals’ there!


After lunch student ambassadors took some of us around Florence Boot and Cripps halls of residence, whilst the remainder wandered about the campus seeking out the changes from our time there.IMG_3569MP101015AH1_145


After visiting the Lakeside Arts Centre to view the history of University, we adjourned to the Djanolgy Gallery for afternoon tea.


Then and regrettably, I began the journey home recounting to myself as to what had I learnt from my three years at University – my time at Nottingham had taught me, given the information available, to think logically and provide an answer to a problem. Also, through the careers of the Class of ’65, I feel that my grandfather’s edict that we should leave this place in better shape than when we found it has come true.

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