May 15, 2013, by Malvika Johal

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…*

Written by Steve Miller (Management Studies 2010) – Managing Director of the Workplace Depot. 

Have you ever had something bizarre happen to you that caused an injury? I have! Whilst me and some friends were sat in an Italian Bar waiting for our dinner to arrive, I took a quick look around to have a little nosey at the people sat in the restaurant and it hit me! Yes, I am talking about a pizza hitting my eye and scratching the cornea. But I am not the only one who has been injured in the eye with food.

Last month, dinner ladies at an Essex school were banned from baking triangular flapjacks after the school branded them as dangerous.  A Year 7 pupil suffered a sore-eye when he was accidentally struck in the face by lunch time snack thrown by another pupil. The head teacher instantly decided that after 15 years of making the flapjacks, the kitchen staff should only serve 4 sided flapjacks.

Chickens cannot fly!

A number of football players have experienced a freak accident in their career, such as when David James said that he had ‘dipped in form’ when he strained his back reaching for the TV remote control. But this one did make me laugh, after Grimsby lost 3-2  against Luton Town, manager Brian Laws was displeased with Ivano Bonetti’s efforts within the game and launched a plate of chicken wings at Bonetti resulting in a fractured cheekbone and an incredibly bruised eye. I wonder what flavour they were?

He’s like a dog with a gun

A man in Florida claimed that his English bulldog shot him with a 9mm handgun as he was driving. Gregory Lanier told police that he believed that the gun on the floor of his truck was unloaded when his dog accidentally kicked it which caused it to fire hitting his left leg. The police said they were sceptical about the story that Mr Lanier told them and thought that he may have made some of the story up. “We didn’t spend a lot of time investigating it. There doesn’t appear to be any criminal act involved.” The dog was not charged and the injury was described as not serious.

Hello Operator’

I was sat on the train travelling to London and I picked up the Metro newspaper and read a story about a man doing the ironing. After his wife has complained about him not helping about the house, he set up the ironing board, grabbed a beer, turned on the boxing and tried to prove a point whilst his wife was at work. He said “It started out well, but then I got so involved in the boxing that I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing. So when the phone rang, I picked up the iron and pressed it to my ear.” Ouch!

Would you like any sauce with that?

Goalkeeper Dave Beasant missed the first two months of the 1993/94 season whilst playing for Chelsea after being sidelined by a bottle of salad cream. Beasant had dropped a bottle of salad cream and instinctively stuck his leg out to try and stop it from smashing on the floor. However, he did achieve his goal by not letting it smash on the floor, instead the bottle smashed on his foot and severed a tendon in his big toe.


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*That’s Amore – Dean Martin

(Picture credit: Innovative Safety Solutions Ltd)

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