March 15, 2013, by Malvika Johal

Facebook got me fired!!

I have just posted the April Masterclass on our calendar of events. Entitled “Social Media- How to get your next job or promotion”.

Run by our careers office the classes have proved to be extremely popular, and I think this social media focus will also be a sell-out.

We have all heard about the increasing use of Facebook and other social media sites to ‘vet’ prospective employees; there is suddenly a window into our world which was not previously available.

There are many stories of the employee who has been fired after a risky status update, or photo, and much debate over whether this blurred distinction between our professional and personal persona’s justifies disciplinary action in the work place.  (for a full round up check out  ‘Fired over Facebook’ )

As so many of us increasingly connect via the web, and social media becomes the normal and most popular way of communicating for an entire generation,  I wonder how much of an impact these sites will have on our employment and employability in the future – both positive and negative. Up to now I am not sure how many of us consider the implications of what we post and therefore put into the public domain on our careers.

Becoming increasingly popular in the tireless efforts of so many to raise their profiles, and network – many people are using their status updates, tweets and posts to grab the attention of decision makers. Connecting with these people then often leads to meetings, interviews and building relationships which in turn lead to job opportunities and promotions.

For more on how to use Social Media to enhance your career sign up for our Masterclass on Wednesday 17th April.


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