November 29, 2012, by Malvika Johal

Wear it with Pride!

By John Coffield (English 2011)

The University of Nottingham, like most other universities sells self-branded merchandise. This is readily apparent by the amount of students one sees wandering about the campus in Uni hoodies and even ‘lounge pants’ (that’s jogging bottoms or trackies to you and me). The SU shop also sells all the usual branded items such as mugs, pens, cuddly meerkats etc…All the everyday things a student could ever need in the course of their time at the university. It’s all about advertising their attendance at the University and wearing the UoN name with pride! This is something Britain is warming up to but which in America has been big business for decades. You can even buy Notre Dame and Harvard hoodies over here!

However, there is another side to the University’s merchandise operation; which focusses on the University’s alumni community. We sell beautiful silk ties, handbag mirrors and watercolour prints – gifts that are meant to last.

Alumni Relations also deals with graduation jewellery and gifts (certificate frames etc…) and sells a range of crystal and glassware – often used as gifts by academic departments for retiring members.

A recent partnership with the jeweller’s Eva London ( has seen the introduction of a stunning  range of discreet and chic engraved bands in a variety of metals; Signet rings; stick pins; beautiful charms which are very en vogue and a handsome range of cufflinks making it easier and more stylish than ever to promote yourself as a proud member of the UoN family.

The great thing about all the merchandise, be it a University of Nottingham keyring or a Swarovski champagne flute duo, is that the profit from every item Alumni Relations sells goes straight into the Nottingham Enrichment Fund ( the money that the University awards to part-fund students’ volunteering projects making an impact across the globe. So next time you get nostalgic for the University, pop online and have a look through what we’ve got to offer. (

If you’re on campus, stop by the Alumni Relations office for a natter and a cup of tea, and maybe walk away with a beautiful print or glass – or a meerkat!

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