October 12, 2012, by Malvika Johal

#Home Team Advantage!

You can’t have a conversation without someone mentioning Social Media, are they ‘checking in’ on Facebook, ‘tweeting’ or ‘expanding networks’ on Linked In.

The beauty of our much loved social media channels is the ability to have a two way discussion with our members, a place where our alums can post their news and information or pass on their knowledge and share useful links and top tips. All of a sudden across Facebook, Twitter and Linked In you have a way of connecting with each other as well as to the office via a medium which is quick, easy and familiar.

We have created a spotlight on our three main networking sites to highlight the benefits these have for our alumni community.


  • ‘Like’ our Facebook page and receive updates throughout the day.
  • Be the first to hear about our latest news, events and opportunities available to you
  • Chat with friends with whom you may have lost contact, or build new relationships
  • Share pictures of your time here and enjoy the comments which follow
  • Share your memories of the University, these discussions are always the best!


  • Follow us on Twitter and find out what our alums get up to on a daily basis
  • Get news and info about the whole University
  • Receive links to events and news articles which might be of interest
  • Join in the discussion


Linked In

  • Join our group dedicated to alumni of the University
  • We have sub-groups which focus on Law, Medicine, Media and Finance
  • Connect with leaders in industry and across a huge spectrum of professions
  • Connect with professors
  • Expand your network; you never know where it might lead!

The point about expanding your networks actually relates to all social media channels, we receive so many positive comments from our alums who use all three of these networks. Some relate to those who have re-connected with old friends with whom they had unintentionally lost touch. We hear of how our alumni have obtained work placements which have led to job opportunities simply by joining our alumni groups. Keeping connected with the University through these mediums is easy and you really never know where it might lead. If it is not what you know but who you know, you have the potential to make connections with thousands of fellow alumni, taking ‘home team advantage’ to a whole other level!


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