August 21, 2012, by Malvika Johal

A trip down memory lane…

You only have to look at the UoN Fresher’s Facebook page to get a sense of the excitement which is building among the newest cohort of University of Nottingham students. Status updates are following a familiar formula: Subject of study + Halls of Residence =OMG!!

The Students Union is preparing for the fun and frivolity of Fresher’s Week, the societies and clubs are working to promote themselves for new members and the atmosphere around campus becomes alive with anticipation and excitement.

Many of our alumni have been in touch reminiscing about their first few weeks at the University, meeting future partners or best friends. The lifelong connections made here are what make our alumni community so special.

As we wonder down memory lane, I ask, what advice our alumni would give to our upcoming undergrads? Cast your minds back to your first few weeks at the University, the first time you met your neighbour in Halls, the first night in The Buttery or Mooch and the moment you realise the strength of the £1 coin on campus.

If you were starting again, what would be your 10 top tips? Which were the best bars; how did you get through the inevitable ‘all nighters’ in Hallward Library; where serves the best coffee and don’t you wish someone had told you about the amazing value Pick ‘N’ Mix at the SU shop!

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