December 9, 2016, by Lindsay Brooke

9 December 2016 – what’s the story behind door number nine?

A 90th birthday message to the Queen is etched on Corgi hair.

Our scientists love a challenge and when it came to wishing the Queen a happy 90th birthday they did it in style – etching their birthday wishes on a Corgi hair!

The hair was kindly donated by Cracker and CJ – two Corgis living in Nottinghamshire who are from the same blood line as the Queen’s corgis.

It didn’t stop there! Our glass blowers created a special glass corgi and they sent the hair off to Buckingham Palace.

In a letter from the Deputy Private Secretary to The Queen she asked for her tiniest birthday message to be kept for posterity in the Royal Library.

Who opened the door?

Our thanks today go to Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi an ESRC PhD student in Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences for opening door number 9. Josephine leads a campaign to raise awareness of mental health in Higher Education.

You can find out more about the digital advent calendar here.

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