January 26, 2017, by Matthew Lumley

Module of the Year 2017: Nominations Open

Nominations for the Module of the Year 2017 are now open.

As a registered Nottingham Advantage Award student you have the opportunity to vote for the module that has had the most positive impact on your personal and professional development. Nominate here.

Below by Ziyad Yehia, Public Speaking module convenor, talks about his module – winner of Module of the Year 2016:

After helping found the module in 2012, I took over the module in 2014. It has been my biggest contribution to The University of Nottingham student body during my time here.

If you take this module you will learn:

  • How to open and close a speech to make your message memorable
  • How to control your voice to persuade audiences and make your message resonate?
  • How to use your body language to take control of the room and convey meaning and nuance in your message?
  • How to use persuasive literary rhetoric used by world class speakers to make your words flow nicely, and sound eloquent to the ears?

These elements are jam-packed into an electrifying 5 week course of which it has been my honour and privilege to be a part.

Capturing the results on camera

The module has been steadily improved year on year, with great attention paid to student feedback. In 2014, we introduced a bespoke ‘before and after’ video portfolio. This is a great way to show just how far you’ve progressed in the five short weeks this module runs for.

A stellar performance

Since launching the video portfolio, the results have been astounding. Students are consistently surprised, impressed and inspired to see just how much they’ve improved. In 2014, I made a promise at the start of the module that they wouldn’t recognise themselves in five weeks – many pulled a face of disbelief. During the module assessment, they got to watch each other to see how everyone had developed. Afterwards I turned to them and asked whether I had kept my promise. The question was met with a resounding “YES!”

Often you can’t see how much you’ve changed until you look back. By recording visual evidence of your achievements, you have something to inspire you to keep pushing yourself to improve.

Entering awards season

In 2016, this module was nominated for, and went onto win Module of the Year 2016. Nominated for by students, this is testament to how much participants have gained from taking part.

Key dates

Nominations open: Open now

Nomination deadline: Friday 7 April 2017

More information can be found here. Nominate here.

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