February 19, 2015, by Andrea Ranford

Your achievements have the potential to go global with the Advantage Award!

With this year’s prize applications deadline approaching, we hear from last year’s winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Global Graduate Award (which is co-supported by GSK this year), Polina Medvedeva, about her experiences completing the Award.

Last year's winner of the Vice-Chancellor's Global Graduate Prize

Last year’s winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Global Graduate Prize

“I completed my Award in June 2014, receiving the Award certificate. This was a very exciting time for me; this was when I finally felt the recognition for what I had been doing throughout my University life. Completing the Award did not only feel fulfilling, it had direct implications on my future educational path. I realised that the modules I did for the Advantage Award would be seen as a great contribution to my existing professional and academic experience”.

Polina completed the Award by passing three 10 credit modules: PR Project management, Skills for Employability and Spanish.

“The PR Project Management module allowed me to get practical experience in the field where I wanted to pursue my career. Skills for Employability was a great module for learning about CVs, cover letter writing and interview tips as well as many other aspects of successful self-promotion. Lastly, the Spanish module helped me to further improve my language skills. You have a chance of doing modules that best suit your CV and your personality development, to show evidence that you are somehow different, that you aspire for more. The Award will show your commitment to hard work as well as drive and energy for implementing extracurricular tasks.”

Having completed at least two modules this meant Polina was also eligible to apply for the employer-supported prizes too:

“Thanks to the Advantage Award, I was very lucky to receive Vice-Chancellor’s Global Graduate Prize. This greatly contributed to the quality of my future job applications, as well as boosting my self-confidence. This is perhaps even more important for every graduate at the beginning of their ‘real’ life journey… Do not be afraid to start, because it is never too late. Explore, dream, discover!”

If you would like to apply for an employer-supported prize, you can find out more on the application process by visiting Workspace.

This year’s employer-supported prizes are:

Apply now! The deadline for applications is 5pm, Friday 20 February 2015 (don’t miss out!). Terms and conditions apply.

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