January 29, 2015, by Andrea Ranford

What it takes to become the Accenture High Performance Prize Winner!

Thinking about applying for one of this year’s employer-supported prizes? Deborah Okperin, was announced as the co-winner of the ‘Accenture High Performance Prize’ at last year’s Nottingham Advantage Award’s annual Celebration Event. Accenture were looking for a candidate who could demonstrate that they had gone above and beyond expectations in their extracurricular activity and work. Deborah won the prize of £100 and was presented with a certificate by Accenture delegate, Dinesh Kanuga.

In this week’s guest blog, Deborah explains how the
Nottingham Advantage Award and the Accenture High Performance Prize have had a positive effect on her career aspirations.

“Winning the Accenture High Performance Prize was a tremendous honour and further encouragement that setting high targets and striving to surpass them should be a lifelong goal. As a joint recipient of the award I received a cash prize of £100. I felt immensely pleased to be rewarded for my efforts, being recognised as a high achiever and deemed to have stood out as a student of excellence.

The three modules I completed were: Students in Classrooms, Experian Leadership Programme and Part time job, Vacation Jobs and Volunteering. I choose these modules because they gave me the opportunity to have more responsibility, increase my self-awareness and become more reflective of the work and volunteering opportunities that I was involved with at university.

Undertaking the Nottingham Advantage Award gave me the perfect opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds as well as enrich my skill set. My confidence and communication skills have really improved as a result of delivering presentations and receiving feedback from fellow students. Completing the Award alongside my degree was also a fantastic way to demonstrate my organisation, self-motivation and time management skills.

I believe that my university experience has been enhanced as a result of the award and the greatest lesson I learnt is the importance of self-reflection: to reflect on previous experiences, grow and develop from them. I would recommend current students to take part in the Award, as it is a fantastic scheme that exemplifies the University’s commitment to improving the employability of its students by rewarding and recognising the extracurricular activities they are involved with.”

If you would like to apply for one of this year’s employer-supported prizes, find out more by visiting Workspace. The deadline for applications is 5pm, Friday 20 February 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

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