September 4, 2014, by Giselle Kennedy

Business and decision making: are you thinking 360 degrees?

Have you ever wondered what kind of business decisions you might have to make when you start working? How would you make those decisions? Do you think that you could convince others that your solution is the best? If it’s something that you would like to learn more about then we have the module for you.

Presenting the brand new Capital One: Business Decision Making module!

This module is ideal if you are looking to build upon your decision making skills. Capital One will help to equip you with the tools needed to make business recommendations. Your learning will be informed by analysing ‘real world’ case studies and finding out how businesses respond to changing contexts.

Throughout the module, you will be asked to keep a reflective log of what you have learnt. The log will help you to form ideas when you write a memo outlining your recommendation to a hypothetical business problem. Finally, you will be able to boost your presentation skills as you present your recommendation to the Capital One Business Decision Makers panel.

If you would like to apply for this module, please visit the module Workspace page. The application deadline is Monday 13 October, 2pm. Students who have been selected will be contacted by Wednesday 15 October, 5pm.  

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