May 7, 2014, by Giselle Kennedy

Help next years’ freshers ease into university life by becoming a peer mentor!

We’re on the lookout for students to help next year’s freshers with their transition into university life.

As a peer mentor, you’ll be paired with one or more newcomers to The University of Nottingham. Your job will be to meet your mentees at mutually convenient times throughout their first term to discuss how they’re getting along. There’ll be lots of opportunities for you to socialise with your mentees, as well as participate in social activities with other mentors.

Although this scheme is designed to help first year students settle into Nottingham, you won’t be expected to offer your mentees specific advice, especially about sensitive issues. Instead, your objective is to point them in the right direction by telling them about the options available.  All of this will be covered in a training session on Tuesday 10June 2014 and there will be more information available on Moodle afterwards.

The peer mentoring scheme is run by the Nottingham Advantage Award, so your participation will be accredited. In order to complete this ten credit module, you will need to produce a reflective portfolio and a presentation, which will be delivered to others on the programme and your tutor.

This is not only a scheme that gives you a “feel-good” factor, but is also a great opportunity to pass on some top tips to your mentees. If you would like more information or would like to apply to be a peer mentor, please visit Workspace. The application deadline is Monday 12 May 2014.

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