November 1, 2012, by Hayley

‘Doing Business in Asia’ – My time at our Malaysia Campus by Tracy Seng

The University of Nottingham International Summer School, Malaysia, was an amazing experience both academically and socially. Doing Business in Asia was a fascinating topic to study as the University attempted to cover a lot of the basic material across all business areas so that we had a, somewhat, full view. With this, I felt that the university encouraged a lot of team building and networking with my peers that joined me at the summer school which developed my international awareness and transnational competencies, but also ultimately resulted in amazing friendships too.


Because I am currently doing a business school degree, the topics that were discussed were all the more interesting as I had a basic foundation of business. The module itself covered the basics of “Doing Business in Asia” but the lecturers were careful to make all material catered to Asian business philosophies, giving specific business examples that existed in Asia. This made the module all the more engaging as I could literally see business theory active around me in my new environment. The material also broadened my perspective of the world and of business culture; it was interesting to compare successful and unsuccessful businesses from opposite sides of the world as one could plainly see the importance of localised culture.


Socialising with the summer school group was also a major reason I enjoyed the experience so much. Not only in the classroom, but outside as well, the entire group were involved in experiences that involved us all. I felt that my team building skills have improved as I was able to work with and coordinate my peers successfully in activities. With this, I was able to socialise with people from all over the world, understanding and appreciating differences of opinion and culture. I also felt that this was a rare opportunity to have such a diverse group of people within the same environment, and I will cherish the close friendships I made.


Along with the summer school ambassadors, the summer school faculty themselves did a wonderful job in giving us the great experience. From the activities to the food, we were all immersed in Malaysian culture. Never again will I have the opportunity to eat at the top of the Kuala Lumpur tower’s revolving restaurant and do Batik in the same day, so I am glad the summer school was able to give me this experience. The number of cultural activities that we did increased my appreciation for Malaysia culture, and with my Malaysian Ancestry, I felt I was further getting in touch with my identity.


I am glad to have had this unforgettable experience at Nottingham University, International Summer School, Malaysia. The summer school has opened my eyes to different parts of culture that I have previously not considered, and along with this, has given me some sense of identity to my own roots. The course has also broadened my perspective of business culture- particularly of how business and marketing strategies differ according to location and how localised culture is immensely important in terms of corporate success. The summer school has also provided me with the opportunity to network and, more significantly, make lasting friendships with people from all over the world- an opportunity I would not have had otherwise. I have built upon the foundations of my current degree as well as been taught new material. When applying for the summer school, I knew that employees look for students with international awareness and an appreciation of alternate backgrounds, and with the experience, I feel that I am better suited to fulfil this transnational competency.


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