October 25, 2012, by Hayley

Keen to go green….?


Are you conscious of your carbon footprint? Do you recycle your rubbish? Are you keen to be green? Whether you’re obsessed with combating climate change or simply want to play your part in helping to keep the world a greener place we have the perfect module for you!


Our Environmental Sustainability Project Management module has two options – work on a set project, or come up with your own. This year, the set project is to create a short film about sustainability to educate University Staff and engage them in local initiatives to encourage greener living behaviours. You get control over the initiation and management of the project, and the opportunity to create something that could have a significant impact upon the way people view and act upon green issues. As a group, you get creative freedom to decide how to get the important messages across, after consulting with University staff in focus groups to make sure you address the target audience is a suitable manner.

You could focus on the main areas where there are environmental impacts,  potential improvements could be implemented, or highlight small simple changes to everyday activity that will have great environmental benefits the choice is entirely yours!

For a better idea of the kind of project you could create, why not have a look at the films last year’s students created to engage fellow students in sustainability:

A Day in the Life of a Green Student


Ten Tips for Greener Living


Not only will this module give you the opportunity to make a difference, but in the process you’ll develop a number of different skills that will be beneficial not only to your CV, but potentially to your future career, including: environmental sustainability awareness and advocacy, project management, time management, problem solving, team work, relationship building and information management.

More details of the module can be found on our workspace site https://workspace.nottingham.ac.uk/display/NAAMY/Environmental+Sustainability+Project+Management

  Come along to the introductory presentation on Wednesday 31st October at 3pm in Sir Clive Grainer A41, to learn more about the module before you decide if you want to sign up.


So what are you waiting for?! Get involved and go green!

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