July 18, 2014, by Kryssa Roycroft

Knowing Me, Knowing You Part III

Kryssa Roycroft, Community Partnerships

Kryssa Roycroft, Community Partnerships

This is the third of our get to know you series which this time features…


Name: Kryssa Roycroft


What do you do? I’m the newest member of the team and joined Community Partnerships just over two weeks ago. I am responsible for the administration of the Catalyst project, which helps to promote, facilitate and support public engagement activities between researchers and the community.

My day-to-day duties include communicating with researchers and community organisations, planning events, updating our social media feeds, and recording the outcome of our meetings in fine detail. I also spend a lot of time making colourful spreadsheets and keeping things organised with my rigorous left-brained logic.


Where do you work?  You can find me in room A20 at Kings Meadow Campus.


King's Meadow Campus

King’s Meadow Campus


What did you do before working here? My background is in journals publishing, with a predominant focus on open access models. My previous role included overseeing the peer review of academic research papers, and facilitating the publishing process from receipt of the initial manuscript up to publication of the final article. Now that I’m working at the University Of Nottingham this allows me to see a different side of the research and gives me the opportunity to provide community interaction at all stages  throughout a research project.


Best thing about your job? Everything! I’m still getting to grips with all of the different aspects of the role and my brief time here has already been incredibly varied, which keeps me on my toes and means that there is always something new to learn. I’m most looking forward to seeing the Nottingham on Tour events in action, and am currently working on putting together a series of themed events for September (Nottingham Life) and October (World War 1).


Engaging with researchers!

Engaging with researchers!


Most unusual/strangest job? Being a steward at a local festival involved plenty of hard work stomping through muddy fields but I also got to have a go at everything from martial arts to circus skills and various forms of folk dance, and can thoroughly recommend it!


How do you relax? By watching terrible, low-budget B-movies and knitting complicated sweaters which I rarely ever finish.


Tell us a joke? Schrödinger’s cat walks into an empty bar. And doesn’t.


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