July 6, 2018, by Ross Wilson

How to apply to Liberal Arts – Personal Statements

Every student applying to Liberal Arts will come from different backgrounds and they will have their own experiences and individual qualifications. That’s why we don’t look for specific A-Levels, International Baccalaureate profiles or their equivalents in any application. What we are interested in is why you want to explore issues across a range of subjects and study for a Liberal Arts degree. We all have different interests but what brings us together as Liberal Arts scholars is that we don’t want to be confined to one approach.


Your personal statement

When writing your statement to apply for the Liberal Arts degree we want to learn more about you. We want to find out about what you are motivated by, what you are interested in and what you want to study here at the University of Nottingham.

Writing personal statements for Liberal Arts can seem complicated because of the range of options but this is an opportunity to tell us more about you. We want to hear about your work and your pastimes and why these are important to you and why this has led you to Liberal Arts.

Trent Building, University Park

Liberal Arts at the University of Nottingham is about choice, exploration and it is about innovation. If you want to study across a range of subjects that says something exciting and interesting about you and we want to know what that is. We are all interdisciplinary in our interests. For example, we can enjoy music, art, literature, languages or mathematics; but we want to find out why you want to study subjects together and connect up areas of thought.

You might be interested in architecture, gaming, politics, culture or society. You could want to work on issues to do with the environment, equality or education. You may want to take a role in the future that will change how we live, work and engage with one another. But we do this by thinking differently and using the range of approaches from the arts, humanities and social sciences.



Don’t worry about covering every single approach or trying to address all the subjects we have to offer in your statement. We only want to find out about your route to studying Liberal Arts and what you want to do. We read all the personal statements because we are interested in your work as a Liberal Arts scholar. So, use this chance to:

1 – Describe your current subjects of study and why you want to explore these further

2- Explain how you want to combine different subjects and approaches

3 – Report on the books, films, television programmes, music or art that have inspired you or made you think differently about what you want to work on at university

4 – Inform us of the areas you would like to study here at Nottingham and why

5 – Tell us about any trips, plans, volunteering or jobs you have undertaken or plan to complete and why this has influenced you

6 – Communicate your interests, your motivations and what makes you want to study Liberal Arts

Hallward Library, University Park Campus


Liberal Arts is for people who want to study, explore and innovate and we will work with you to develop a degree programme that reflects your interests and which opens up opportunities for a range of careers. Do not worry about having to decide your route through Liberal Arts right now as this is something you can explore when you begin your studies.

Your personal statement reflects who you are as a Liberal Arts student and why this degree is important for you.

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