November 12, 2020, by Ross Wilson

Objects Podcast

We are surrounded by things. We live our lives with objects. But frequently we don’t think about them. They are the backdrop to our lives. However, our things are far more interesting than just being props. Our stuff is part of who we are. It helps us create our identities. If we understand things then we can understand ourselves and others. After all, humans are a material species. Beyond this, if want to address some of the most pressing problems we have in the world today, such as inequality, poverty and sustainability, we have to take things seriously.

In the first of our podcasts about our material world, we’ll explore why stuff is so important. This is part of our module on Objects which is running this autumn. There are 12 podcasts in all that examine production, possession and recycling. Welcome to the Objects Podcast!

The Objects Podcast

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