February 8, 2023, by UoN School of English

What to consider when picking modules

Picking modules can be daunting. The number of options can be overwhelming and choosing something when you’re not certain if you’ll enjoy it can be scary, especially if you get to choose modules in first year where you don’t have the foundation of the first year modules to help you make your choice. For second and third years it can be overwhelming to consider what you enjoyed, excelled at, which lecturers will take the modules, and what modules your friends are taking. That being said, whether you’re first year or third year, here are some things to consider when picking your modules. 

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  1. First of all, consider what you enjoy! I think this is the most important thing when it comes to choosing modules. Do you have a burning desire to do a specific module or a special interest in a certain area? See if there’s a module you can take that aligns with your interests. Why wouldn’t you want to do a whole module on Shakespeare if you love his plays? 
  2. Secondly, consider whether you might want to take a module outside the School of English. Doing this isn’t for everyone but it can be interesting to see what other modules are available to you. Perhaps something will spark your interest! 
  3. Also look at what types of assessments the modules have. For some people this won’t matter but others prefer essays to exams or vice versa.  
  4. Lastly, I would recommend considering what you’re good at. This is not the first thing to consider because you don’t want to be stuck with a module you find boring purely because you’re good at it; however, if it comes to it and you need to pick another module, it can be nice to have one you know you’ll do well at. 

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Hopefully this advice will help you as you choose which modules to pick and whatever happens, don’t worry too much as you can always change your modules in the Module Enrolment Change of Mind Period at the start of each semester. Don’t forget to reconsider all these things should you decide to do that! So go forth, pick your modules, and most importantly: enjoy them! 

– Elinor Eaglestone 

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