April 8, 2019, by Sunita Tailor

The Benefits of Group Study Sessions

This blog was written by second year English with Creative Writing student, Holly Humphreys.

It can be easy to get weighed down by essay deadlines and exam revision, especially if you find yourself holed up in your room or squirrelled away in a corner of the library to do your work. One way to combat this is through group study sessions – I find that it makes revision a lot less overwhelming and it can actually be fun!

  • Studying with other people can be incredibly motivating – if everyone is studying it creates an atmosphere that encourages you to join in. An informal setting also makes revision feel less intense.


  • Group study sessions are a great excuse to socialise during exam season when everyone has hectic schedules. It also makes breaks from revision more fulfilling as you can use them to catch up with friends.


  • It’s also a good excuse to get out of your room – if you study in the library or even at friend’s house you’ll be able to refresh your body and your brain on the journey, and there should be fewer distractions so you can focus on your work.


  • If you’re working with friends on your course, it’s a great opportunity to ask for help with anything you don’t understand. You can also bounce ideas off of each other! And even if you’re studying with friends outside of your course, you can test your knowledge by explaining the material to them. It also helps to have someone who doesn’t know the material look over your essays to make sure that they make sense.

As you can see, there are so many positive aspects of studying with friends. When exams roll around, text a few of your friends, grab a bunch of snacks and book a study room in the library for a productive and enjoyable revision session.

Image: Pixabay / CC0 1.0

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