February 28, 2019, by Sunita Tailor

Handling Homesickness at University

This blog post was written by final year English student, Hannah Smart.

For many of us, University is our first time living away from home. It is important to remember that your homesickness is valid even if you haven’t moved miles and miles away to university; it perhaps correlates better to time away from home, rather than distance. As a final year student, I know all to well the awkwardness of accidentally referring to my university town as “home” in front of offended family members and friends, but it did take time to think of Nottingham in this way. A certain pressure exists at university to have the best time of your life, which is perhaps why homesickness can be such an isolating or even shameful feeling. If you’re finding the transition difficult, try the below tips:

1. Home perhaps never feels further away than when you are feeling under the weather. Signing up to the campus GP and dentist before you need them means that your well equipped to handle a bald cold or a bout of tonsillitis on your own, and less likely to wish you were at home being looked after!

2. Getting to know bus routes, finding a favourite coffee shop and knowing your nearest supermarket/post office/petrol station/gym can really help to make a place feel like home, so take some time to explore the town, preferably on foot!

3. Plastering your walls with photographs of your family and friends from home is tempting, but can be counter-productive if you’re suffering from home sickness. Think of other home-comforts – perhaps a certain food or TV show – and treat yourself to them when you’re particularly missing home.

4. Having said this, don’t be too proud, and visit home if you really need to. Scheduling your trips home in advance is perhaps healthier than waiting until it all gets a bit too much, and this way, you can look forward to it and arrange to meet up with family and friends to get the most out of the visit!

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