February 21, 2019, by Sunita Tailor

Disappointing Grades Aren’t Bad News!!

This blog was written by second year English student, Megan Bowie.

With the arrival of results day, receiving a result that wasn’t as high as you were expecting can be disappointing, especially when you have put in all of your efforts. It is easy to feel disheartened and this is totally normal yet it doesn’t always mean bad news! Receiving a low grade can motivate you to try harder in your next piece of work, maybe an extra proof read was all it was missing for those few extra marks. I know after receiving a grade lower than I expected, I took the opportunity to go and speak to my lecturer who marked the essay. These are the people who can give great advice on why you are just missing that next grade up, and without receiving that grade that had just fallen short, that advice may not have seemed like something you needed but extra advice is good advice! Also, go and speak to your personal tutor, they can help give an overview of what you have been doing and try give you pointers on how to improve. They are also there for pastoral support, if anything has affected your grade down to a personal matter they can point you in the right direction for further advice. The university offers a fantastic range of support so if there is something stopping you achieving your best, go and speak to somebody about it as they want the best from you as well! The university also offers a free counselling service if you need an additional point of support. Just remember, a bad grade doesn’t define you and this grade can give you a boost and motivation to turn things around for your next piece of work.

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