January 29, 2019, by Sunita Tailor

A Final Year Student’s Advice for Exam Season

This blog was written by final year English student, Hannah Smart.

With exam season drawing to a close, we are all promising ourselves that next semester, it will be different. We will not make the same mistakes; we will start revising earlier, work longer hours, choose our coursework questions as soon as they are released, and submit before 2.55pm on deadline day. As a final year student, I know all too well that feeling of regret of having not done more that pervades exam season, and – with the help of other third year students – have compiled a list of tips on how to best to prepare for exams and coursework deadlines next semester, in which all advice is based on good (and not-so-good) experience!

Arrange to revise with someone else

“If you struggle with self-discipline, arranging to meet someone else at the library means that you’re not only letting yourself down if you don’t show. If you also agree to leave together, it means you can’t pack up the second you lose motivation!”
Maya, Final Year Psychology Student.

Treat revision like a job

“I find it really helpful to do a 9-5 day at the library with a lunch break, like any working adult. I stay and work until 5pm even if I have nothing urgent to do that day, so I don’t have to do really long hours in the days before deadlines. I find that this way, I have a healthy relationship with revision and work.”
Emily, Final Year History Student

Try to keep your work space and your living space separate

“Use the library and the extra study spaces offered by the University over exam season to revise and work on essays. This way, your home and bedroom is kept for relaxation, and exam stress is less likely to interfere with your sleep pattern.”

Hannah, Final Year English Student

Give yourself time to reset

Every day, try to do something, anything, other than work and sleep. This could be going to a gym class, taking the time to walk to and from the library to listen to music or a podcast, or watching one episode of a show you like during your lunch break. Don’t underestimate the power of a break!


Image: by Chloe Lane

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