January 25, 2019, by Sunita Tailor

Reading for Fun

This blog was written by second year English student, Megan Bowie.

As an English student, one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is read. However, with large reading lists and minimal time sometimes finding the time for recreational reading can sometimes be difficult. With deadlines approaching, I found myself one evening with nothing set to read as I had finished my essays and it enabled me to stop and think about what I would like to read. I am going on holiday soon so decided to read some travel articles about what to do and where to go. It wasn’t a novel, but it was a positive way to spend my time, reading about something interesting and that is what is important remember, to read for fun not just what has been specified for your course. However, take enjoyment out of what you have been set, university is a great way to broaden your horizons and read things you wouldn’t normally select yourself. The great thing about an English degree is sitting nose deep in a good read is actually doing work for your degree, how great is that! When reading something set by the university try to still read for leisure, your own personal choice. Whether that be another novel, a travel guide, a cook book or an article, reading opens the mind and is a great way to relax, even just for ten minutes aside from your set texts. Reading is fun and if you love it like me, try and engage with something personally selected. Ask a friend for a book recommendation, buy a magazine or simply read a news article, whatever it is, you’ll fall back in love with reading like I have as recently, I had forgotten just how great reading for pleasure can be.

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