February 12, 2018, by Words on Words

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

This blog post was written by third year Classical Civilisation and English student, Rosanna Bell.

When people would say ‘university years are the best years of your life’, I took it as pressure to make it so. Suddenly, in my third and final year, I’m increasingly questioning whether my university experience will fulfil this expectation. One thing I may be certain of is how much I’ve grown up since my parents first dropped me off three years ago. First year throws you into a whirlwind of countless people and free time. This newfound freedom is as much an opportunity for new friendships and activities, but also opportunity for loneliness if not handled correctly. My time going abroad in second year proved a major factor in helping me grow and see that life isn’t one big party. I came out feeling very grateful for the semester away, however as I had initially hoped to spend a full year abroad, I forced myself into believing that the universe had a plan for me. Four months in to my time abroad – having already made great friends and immersing myself in my classes, I still couldn’t help but feel unsure about my situation. I still found myself wishing that I had chosen another route, allowing me a longer time studying in America, like I had always envisioned.

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Well what do you know? My Exchange University had an underdog basketball team that just so happened to win the USA Basketball National Championships. The one semester I find myself in the tiny town of Chapel Hill, on a semester abroad that I had never truly been sure about, I got to experience a celebration that thousands of college kids can only dream of. In that moment of pure triumph, pride and celebration, something clicked and I knew this was the path I was supposed to have taken. Now I am a third year (a senior) and while I still have some way to go before graduating, I know to relax and simply trust the process.

The night of the championship including 55,000 people rushing the main street: Franklin street. Total town population was 65,000.

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