November 20, 2017, by Words on Words

Reflection on a Year as an Intern

This blog post was written by third year English student, Emily Harbottle.

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for work experience and internships whilst at University, and is often a very daunting task, especially considering the likelihood of repeated rejection.

When I decided to apply for a placement with Catena Network through the School of English at UoN, I had already been rejected from various other placements I had applied for. This meant I applied for the role as Editor with a certain sense of trepidation. Nonetheless, when reading the profile I realised how suitable this role would be for me, spurring me on to research more about the company and do some preparatory work before my interview, something I would always advise people going for interviews, since it shows you’re passionate about the job.

I was incredibly lucky to be offered the job with Catena, and I quickly realised my passion for designing and editing. I was already a part of the Uni magazine, Impact, so writing and editing articles was second nature to me, but having the opportunity to write all my own content, and have the free reign to design a magazine was incredibly exciting. Since December, I have produced six editions of the Catena Magazine, as well as taking on the role as Editor of the weekly Catenary newsletter, an undeniably brilliant opportunity and experience.

I would highly recommend doing an internship, because of all the fantastic skills I have gained, all of which look great on the CV. I’ve had the opportunity to attend Networking Events, interview CEO’s of Businesses, write articles, design magazine pages and so much more.

Image: © Catena (Nottingham) Ltd.

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