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Settling into campus life

This blog post was written by first year English and Philosophy student, Emily Patel.

Although it is currently raining as I write this (unsurprisingly), the past few days have been quite sunny. While the sun was shining, it made me realise again how amazing the campuses at Nottingham are – the sun does make everything look better. The main campus, University Park, is home to beautiful buildings such as the Trent building, where the School of English is located.

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Not only are the buildings cool, but there is a lot of greenery and geese roaming around on the grass.

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There is also a lake on the campus, and it is relaxing to walk around it sometimes to clear your head during the stress of approaching deadlines and exams! There was a great atmosphere on campus this week, especially at Mooch (the Student Union bar). The sun and mild weather meant it was completely full in the outside seating area – a great place to go and catch up with your friends.

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I live on Jubilee Campus which is just as good as University Park, if not better. There are modern buildings, including a red one which looks like it is made of giant Lego bricks, and another lake with a fountain.

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In terms of my course, I am more confident with it than I was at the start of the year. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was looking forward to the reading for my ‘Studying Literature’ module, as I enjoy short stories and novels. I had never read any Sherlock Holmes stories as I thought that I would not find detective fiction interesting. However, I found them compelling and we discussed how issues of class were explored in the stories. At the moment, I have language coursework to do, which seems daunting as we must devise our own question and carry out some independent research. As with many things, I just need to start it and once I get into it, it may not be as bad as it seems.

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My course is not just about studying – the English Society hosts social events too. Last month, they joined with the American and Civil Engineering societies to hold a boat party. It involved a meal and a free bar, which is always good! Of course, there was the boat trip itself (held by Princess River Cruises) and an after party at the nightclub Pom Pom. For all this, and transport included, we paid £26. I couldn’t refuse such a good deal, and I had a great night. Events like this have helped me to meet people and settle into my first year as a student, and it’s hard to believe that this year is nearly over!

Emily Patel

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