May 19, 2016, by Edmund Downey

Poets Laureate Then and Now

This blog post was written by Second Year student Louisa Cluett.

Poets Laureate Then and Now will be a day of poetry readings and discussions about the public role of poetry both in the past and present, and how it affects our local and national identity. There will be four high profile poets reading at the event; Patience Agbabi, Matthew Welton, Angela Leighton and Helen Mort. This is an exciting and diverse range of guests, and it is not often that an opportunity to see such poets is free of charge to all the community. Whilst I am excited to see their readings (these will be taking place mainly in the morning of the event), as an English Literature student I am also looking forward to discussions about the importance of the public role of poetry. Studying poetry, I have learnt that whilst it can often be seen as indulgent or inward looking, it I can be of great importance on a public level, and can give insight into the past. Ranging from Viking poetry to the present day, this event will show just that, as well as the public role of poetry in today’s society. For the discussions to be made up of a mixture of the voices of academics, poets and the wider community is bound to be an interesting combination; paramount, in fact, when taking into account the subject of the talks.

The event is one open to anyone and everyone, and you are welcome to come for part or all of it. There will be a free lunch and free tea, both in the morning and afternoon. For me, and other students, it will be a great event to attend after the pressure of deadlines and exams. For others, perhaps just something a bit different to do at the weekend. Whether you are a poetry reader, writer, student or teacher, or even completely new to it, everyone is sure to take something away from this event.

The event runs from 10am to 5pm in Highfields House, University of Nottingham.

For full details please see the website 

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