November 23, 2015, by Sunita Tailor

Radhika’s Top 4 Reads: Fantasy

This blog post was written by final year American Studies and English student, Radhika Chond from the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies.

Fancy Fantasy?

Well reading fantasy transports you into a world that’s entirely our own as our imagination skills are entirely personal, individual and different to the next person. We both may pick up the same book and yet experience it in a completely different way!

Why not try:

Treasure Island:
Oh, Robert Louis Stevenson you absolute genius! Treasure! Seas! Pirates! What does this trio declare? That’s right, adventure and a compulsion to mix up  a cheeky pina colada and sway around like a drunken Jack Sparrow. Oh sorry, another pirate story there!! But if your Summer holiday is not quite as perilous and thrilling and daredevil as Jim Hawkins and even Jack Sparrow then grab that bottle of rum, find a quiet spot and hungrily pursue the wonderful world of Treasure Island.

The Hobbit:
Want to read Tolkien but don’t possibly have time to spare for Lord Of The Rings? Well never fear, I first read the Hobbit at the age of 14 and marvelled at how easy and gripping the adventures of Bilbo Baggins were to follow, even as he was battling dragons and what not. Not only does he put you in the mood for baggy trousers too, you begin to see everything in ‘cute’ terms whilst also reminding me of The Chronicles Of Narnia (another classic series that is perfectly acceptable to devour in the warmth of your wardrobe. How else will you find Narnia otherwise??)

Peter Pan:
Re-read J.M Barrie’s wondrous novel and travel with Peter and Wendy to Neverland and back. Magic, adventure, sentiment- what else is summer about? This short read is the perfect length to peruse leisurely and set you in the right mood for adventures of your own!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:
Well I’m an advocate for endlessly reading this whole wonderful series over and over and over again.
The first one is not only a classic – it’s easy to devour in a single day. Travel with Harry from Muggle-hood to Wizardhood, from Kings Cross (Ideal if you’re doing the same!) to the depths of Scotland, from your home to Hogwarts and even ride a broomstick to dizzying heights.

Warning: may it is not at all advisable to read Deathly Hallows and especially the chapter featuring the Trio’s escape from Gringotts on the back of a dragon when you, yourself are sat on a quaking and turbulent plane which feels as though you’re about to be thrown into the ocean. Yes, this happened to me. No, reading the dragon escape did not ease the sinking feeling in my tummy. Yes, I am still an endless lover of Potter. Just turbulence + dragon = no no no.

Thank you for many years of magic Queen Rowling, I’ll be forever eternally grateful!


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