October 26, 2015, by Sunita Tailor

Summer in Nottingham

This blog post was written by final year English student, Una Kunhya from the School of English.

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a happy new academic year and hope you all had a wonderful Summer holidays.

When the final trip to Ocean the local club (more commonly known as GraduOcean) is over, everyone fills up their parents’ cars to leave Nottingham for their respective home towns. I, on the other hand, like a handful of students decided to stay in Nottingham to complete an internship. For three months I worked as a Digital Content and Marketing intern at Go dine Ltd; a restaurant booking service. I applied for this internship via the university’s career service, specifically the Nottingham Internship Scheme. Throughout the year they promote a range of opportunities across the country on the online portal My Career. All I had to do was email my CV and cover letter to the company and then I was invited for a follow up interview. When I first applied to the job, I was daunted by the fact I would be living alone without any housemates for company in a what would be severely reduced student populated area. However, I would say this was actually one of my best summers yet. I was again supported by the Nottingham Internship Scheme who offered me a grant to help subside some of the living costs since I was living away from home.

Wimbledon court

Wimbledon: Court 1

The 9-5 lifestyle was something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to! Nevertheless, the freedom of the weekends allowed me to use my hard earned cash to do a variety of things I may have been reluctant to do at home. For example, I got to experience Nottingham’s very own beach in the centre of Old Market’s Square. Beside the beach, the area was filled with delicious food (I highly recommend the doughnuts) and drinks all accompanied by live music. I also watched Wimbledon right from Court 1. Despite living in London all my life this was my first trip to SW19! I visited friends in the more Northern cities such as Leeds and Liverpool. I even hopped over the channel for a long weekend stay in Paris all without dipping into my overdraft.


Liverpool bound!

My main point is that there are loads of opportunities to boost your CV while staying in Nottingham and even earn a little money at the same time. Working five days a week was an invaluable insight into life after University, and it really made me value my free time. For more information about the Nottingham Internship Scheme and other opportunities visit:

The Louvre edit

The Louvre in Paris

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