May 26, 2015, by Sunita Tailor

Dear 30 year old me…

This blog post was written by second year English student, Una Kunhya from the School of English.

As I write this, I am in my final week of being a teenager and am about to hit the big 2-0. It is one of many milestones to come, from graduating next year (argh) to soon attempting to find a job (double argh). So I have decided to pen (or rather type) a letter to myself in 10 years time, when I am about to hit 30 years old, to see how things are going and to make some requests… Here I go!

Dear Una,

How’s it going? I assume 10 years have flown by since you, me or we have written this ‘digital’ letter. I am finding this very difficult to write since all I can think of are a barrage of questions. Do you have a house and/or flat? Are you married? Do you have kids?! Do you own a car? Have you got that laser eye surgery yet which we so desperately want?

Now I have got the aesthetic questions out the way, time for the big ones. Do you have a job? Please, please say we have a job. Currently, we are interested in the field of Marketing. I hope you can remember this stressful time at the end of second year where every day for a week you have been enduring internship interviews with more to come. All in all, it hasn’t been that enjoyable. We are currently questioning whether this process is worth it all when all we really want to do is sleep all summer and chill with your friends. I am, however, excited to see where we end up in the future, but first I want to make sure you are happy. I hope we are not stuck in a dull job and if we are please quit! Ok, it may not be as easy as that but make sure you make decisions that make you excited by life, not ones that you make because they are the easy option.

FRIENDS. Aged 19/20 they are like your family. At the moment we are living in a student house with the four most wonderful and weirdest girls you have met.  We all are constantly laughing and they never fail to make you smile. Your friends at home are also available 24/7 thanks to the digital age. I hope you have stayed in contact with both sets of friends. Our school friends endured you going through puberty so the least you could do is keep in touch by going for the odd drink or meal. The University lot I know will be harder to meet since they’re all around the country but that’s the beauty of trains, coaches, phone calls, texts and even letters! We have all the resources to stay in contact with them so please do!

Una and housemates

House Girls! (We do love a good Instagram filter)

Finally our location. I am not keen to live in London after seeing the beautiful city that is Nottingham. I know it will be inevitable that we will have to live and work in the Capital for a bit to find our feet. The fast pace of London is not right for us at this moment as we have flourished in the slightly slower pace of the Midlands/North. I hope we have moved away to explore another amazing city in the UK, not necessarily Nottingham. It will be hard leaving the family down South but again we are so easily connected to every place and everyone that you will never really be that far.


Strelley – about a 20 minute bus ride from the city centre. Can’t find this in London…

I hope your 30th birthday is a good one. I know the next ten years for both 20 and 30 year old us will be an exciting journey and I cannot wait. Good luck with it all.


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