March 2, 2015, by Sunita Tailor

Forget Frankie… Una says Relax

This blog post was written by second year English student, Una Kunhya from the School of English.

One of the highlights of my week, now I am living out of catered halls, is the necessary Tesco shop and delivery. Aside from the staples of bread, milk and the occasional vegetable ( I am trying mum…honest!) my delivery is also filled with delicious, albeit unnecessary, goodies. My recent obsession has been Jacobs Mini Cheddars, cheesy goodness in a biscuit form. What’s not to love?


Mini chedders

My number one love


If only the shelf of Dominos was mine...

If only the shelf of Dominos was mine…


My excitement about food does contain a valid point. Now we have results day over and done with, we are now in the meaty section of the Spring Semester. The days seem to drag along but the weeks somehow fly by quickly. It is easy getting caught up in the constant rotation of seminars and lectures. So I am saying; don’t forget to have some ‘me-time’. I take pleasure in the ordinary Tesco shop (simple minds etc…) but there are a variety of ways to unwind. Here are some ideas:

According to those who undertake physical activity on a regular basis, unlike myself, playing a sport or simply going to the gym is extremely stress relieving. Exercise in known to release so called ‘feel good’ endorphins which can boost your mood – great for this dreary weather!

Going out with friends or simply watching a film indoors is bound to put a smile on your face. It is a great chance for a catch up with peers, especially if you have recently been drowning in books. The English Society in particular always has different types of socials available to all every month from Club nights to Pub quizzes. So there is always a chance to go out and take a break with those on your course.

Read a book
Since we are constantly bombarded with recommended reading, I know this may seem unusual. Reading something unrelated to your degree can allow for a great sense of escapism that the suggested book list may not provide. I am currently making my way through George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels in the build up to the return of the new series of Game of Thrones. It is at times far more enjoyable following the journey of Arya Stark compared to Molly Bloom’s woes in Ulysses – do you agree?




In whatever way you choose to relax, don’t forget to have some rest during the semester. This will make your time here at Nottingham go a whole lot smoother.

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